Small and growing Pay TV companies have limited resources. They still have to compete for customers with large operators. The CTO, purchasing and engineering managers have to find creative ways to deliver great products. Fast.

If you ever asked yourself the following questions you are in the right spot.

  • How can we get excellent suppliers to deliver great quality set-top boxes at the lowest cost?
  • What are the right strategies to get a fiercely competitive purchasing process?
  • How can we partner with our manufacturers and software suppliers to get great results, fast?
  • What approaches minimize risk in the development timeline?
  • How can we get products that reflect our brand without a lot of custom development?

How We Can Help

We work with Pay TV operators  to deliver high quality set top boxes and entertainment services while operating in small team, financially efficient, fast timescale environments.

Our Smart RFI and RFP process, together with our extensive and dependable network of manufacturers and software suppliers, sets up projects for success right from the start.

We can show you how minimizing integration points and managing the risks dramatically decreases risks and surprises. You get products to market faster.

You want to reflect your brand values in the product and it’s user interface. But you don’t have the budget for large custom projects. We’ve developed a range of methods for low effort customization delivering high impact changes in products.

A Bit About Mark

I’ve worked in the Pay TV industry for more than 20 years. I started out building set-top box technology for Sony’s R&D division when digital television was emerging as a technology. I helped write the standards for the UK analog to digital transition and then built Sony’s first digital terrestrial television software.

I moved from consumer electronics to the operator side and ran ONdigital’s receiver development group. We deployed over a million set-top boxes in 18 months for Pay TV on DVB-T. I built interactive tv services, conditional access modules and ran an anti-piracy technology group.

California was calling and I joined the Walt Disney company to run their Moviebeam engineering group. I built a 50 person engineering team and we deployed a VOD system with 1Mb/s data delivery over NTSC signals to a set-top box with a hard drive. We used to say it was “Blockbuster in a box’ back when Blockbuster was still a thing.

I started a consulting career because I love working on the introduction of new products and services. Since then I’ve taken many of the lessons I learned and used them to build a system for making Pay TV projects work better and faster.

  • I helped NTL (now Virgin Media) plan a migration of all their set-top box software to a new middleware.
  • I worked with Top-Up TV to deploy an innovative Push VOD DVR.
  • I helped a US DTH start-up to define their product roadmap, pick suppliers and establish their launch plans.
  • I worked with a US broadcaster to launch a Pay TV service over ATSC, delivering pre-paid, premium television to a new audience.
  • I delivered multiple receivers and DVRs sourced from China, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • I helped establish manufacturing supply chains and factory audits.

I’ve been a System Architect, Project Manager, VP, Engineering, CTO, General Manager and Startup Founder. I know the Pay TV technology chain end-to-end and how to build teams and get projects done.